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realtà virtuale

The demonstration of a product, the description of a business process, the simulation of an training course for the maintenance of an engine or a robot: with virtual reality, just put on a visor, a smart glass or use your smartphone to find yourself in “another world” waiting to be explored, manipulating objects and using sight and hearing.

Virtual and augmented reality guarantees an exceptional sense of immersiveness and realism and offers endless opportunities to companies.


The immersive technologies allow the elimination of the effort needed by the imagination to understand the aesthetic and functional performance of a given object or place.

Both creating, furnishing and visiting an apartment before it is built and handling and using an object during the concept phase are examples of how technology can help us.

In times of rapid change, training is a key element for industry.  However, the equipment is expensive as is the cost of travel to train employees.  With virtual reality, the training can be done on site and the machines don’t have to be stopped.

The resource will produce the same operations virtually with a return on the immediate investment.

The use of virtual reality in public demonstrations during events, fairs and roadshows enhances the functionality and use of products.

Making the client interact with the product guarantees the involvement of the viewer who encounters immersive and emotional experiences.

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Complex productive processes, cumbersome, expensive or delicate instruments, risks for the health of an individual, loss of the know how: these are just some of the cases in which new technologies can reduce costs and risks thanks to increasingly precise simulations and to increasingly effective and efficient teaching techniques.

realtà aumentata

Medical research increasingly focuses on immersive computing for the treatment of  particular types of phobias, forms of addictions and post-traumatic stress disorders.

The technology, for example, puts people in front of their pathologies, provides relief from trauma and monitors the person’s progress within a controlled environment with measurable stimuli.

realtà aumentata

Different studies consider virtual reality to be a useful tool for exposure psychology, especially for the treatment of anxiety disorders for those with poor imaginative skills or who reject live exposure.  In the case of phobic disorders, where the treatment is based on exposure, the use of virtual reality makes it possible to have otherwise impossible experiences.  For example, a tennis player who suffers from sports anxiety will begin to rally with his opponent faster and more powerfully until he finds himself in a stadium full of fans.

Another example may concern those who suffer from claustrophobia.  A person is inside a very large elevator with very few people.  As the elevators ascends, it will become smaller and more crowded.

realtà virtuale

Virtual reality can be used to learn a language or a subject, thanks to the interactive experience with a virtual teacher.

In the case of teaching a foreign language, the teacher can assume the appearance of a tourist in London, looking for information.  The user will have to answer his increasingly complex questions, thereby training his pronunciation.

software realtà virtuale

It is possible to reconstruct training scenarios in which the subject can move and interact with his body.

In this way, every choice generates new navigable scenarios and new interactions.

realtà virtuale esempi

By using apps which are developed in virtual reality, it is possible to visit cities, museums or monuments.

You can simulate walking the streets of the Tour de France, riding your bicycle along the Great Wall of China or even entering into monuments and visiting them.

software realtà virtuale


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